Creative Writing Adventures / Author Visits


Creative Writing Adventures:

I lead writing adventures in Northern California at The Writers Nest–located in a converted lumber mill, circa 1892–and internationally. I offer guided writing adventures to people of all ages, using prompts from my books that play with images in endless ways: tipping words over to see what spills out, shape shifting for metaphors, throwing personification parties, taking haiku hikes, penning and sending secret letters, and more.

 Setting Up An Adventure/Author Visit:

It’s easy. Contact me for availability.

Venues where I’ve presented: The Library of Congress * Poets House * New York Public Library * Lit Quake & Kid Quake * Numeroventi Design Center * Jewish Contemporary Museum * Book Passage Bookstore * *Wartburg College * California Poets in the Schools Statewide Conferences * San Francisco Public Library * O’Hanlon Center for the Arts * Mill Valley Public Library * The Reading Bug * Copperfield’s Bookstore * Vroman’s Bookstore * Pen & Brush Gallery/NYC * and in hundreds of public and private elementary/middle schools…