Creative Writing Adventures / Author Visits


Creative Writing Adventures:

I lead writing adventures in Northern California at The Writers Nest–located in a converted lumber mill, circa 1892–and at bookstores and libraries internationally.  I travel to schools and libraries for author visits, offer signings and poems on the spot at book fairs and conferences, lead teacher in-services, and annual summer writing camps. Using prompts from my books, my adventures on (and off) the page include playing with images in an endless number of ways, tipping words over to see what spills out, shape shifting for metaphors, throwing personification parties, taking haiku hikes, penning and sending secret letters, and more.

 Setting Up An Adventure/Author Visit:

I write with students of all ages around the San Francisco Bay Area, NYC, in between and far beyond. Contact me for availability.

Venues where I’ve presented: The Library of Congress * Poets House * New York Public Library * Lit Quake & Kid Quake * Jewish Contemporary Museum * Book Passage Bookstore * *Wartburg College * California Poets in the Schools Statewide Conferences * San Francisco Public Library * O’Hanlon Center for the Arts * Mill Valley Public Library * The Reading Bug * Copperfield’s Bookstore * Vroman’s Bookstore * Pen & Brush Gallery/NYC * and in hundreds of public and private elementary/middle schools…