praise for writing adventures & books


Karen’s workshop with the kids at NYPL was great fun. I guess I knew that my book club kids were smart, but it wasn’t until I started reading the stuff they wrote using Rip the Page! that I realized just how bloody brilliant they could be.
Betsy Bird, Fuse #8 Production

The kids who attend Karen’s Creative Writing Adventures leave over the moon, filled with inspiration from the time they spend with her. All of us at Book Passage look forward to her yearly camps.
—Elaine Petrocelli, Founder and President of Book Passage

Karen has a natural ability to communicate her subject clearly and effectively. She is supportive and kind and brings out the best in children’s writing, even those who are reluctant writers.
— Hillery Jaffe-Urell, K-8 Private School Administrator

An inspiring, irreverent, and highly accessible book of ideas for writing. This is a riotous celebration of language and the exhilarating joy of words.  Great Fun! Recommended for homeschoolers wanting a creative way into language  and parents with a household of bored, creative children looking for an outlet on a rainy day.
—Juno (UK)

Teachers will want Leap Write In! for the dozens of novel approaches it suggests to engage students…text models, quotes, and poems serve as inspiration…
— School Library Journal

Karen’s books motivate writers to navigate a lively ride… Her activities, insights, discoveries are dynamic,
dramatic and, above all, kid-friendly without one iota of down-talk.
— Anthony L. Manna, Author/Professor Granpa Tonio, The Book Guy

Rip the Page! is an invitation and a feast. Every page springs the imagination into freedom, eagerness, curiosity, the spirit of experimentation, and the power to express the abundant possibilities of both words and world.”
—Jane Hirshfield, poet and author of Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry

Write Back Soon! is packed full of fun exercises and tips to inspire your writing.
— Anouska Jones, Kids’ Book Review Australia

Karen Benke’s books are brilliant universes of thought.
— Brett Rawson, Handwritten

Rip the Page! is a wonderful companion for the Soule Family Writing Club–appropriate for the youngest members, inspirational for the oldest; thoughtful and, most of all, fun.
— Amanda Blake Soule, aka Soule Mama

Rip the Page! will do a wonderful job of adding a key element of fun to what can be a challenging part of your homeschooling day.
Practical Homeschooling

Rip the Page! is a useful reference guide that’ll lead you in the right direction.
— Tabrizia Jones, Young Adult Librarian, New York Public Library

I’m excited to see Karen’s work on reviving letter-writing…
— Jubie John, Executive Director Letter Farms/India

I think Karen’s books are inspiring a new generation of writers. My francophone family in Toronto, Ontario looks forward to seeing Ms. Benke’s books translated into French!
— Deborah Mesher, Parent/Canada

I’m very inspired by Karen’s books. We need more of these great tools to help children–including the large kids, i.e. adults–create and tap into their wisdom.
— Julie Wilson, Founder/Executive Dir., Institute for the Future of Learning

Thank you, Karen Benke, for seeing young people in all their dynamic magic. I am so excited about your book Leap Write In! and will be purchasing it for all of our campuses!
— Grace Colman Losada, Dir. of Education at Fusion Education Group

I use Rip the Page! and Leap Write In! for class visits to the library all the time. They’re an invaluable resource for sparking the creative mind and they pretty much live on my desk.
— Mike Romanos, Former Education Coordinator, Poets House NYC

Rip the Page! inspires young writers with interesting prompts, friendly encouragement, and suggestions. Realizing that beginning writers often have potential for creativity, yet freeze when faced with the formidable task of constructing a composition, Benke introduces fun to the risky process of recording one’s thoughts. Working to show kids that not all writing is dry, formal, or plagued by the pressure of getting a good grade, Benke stirs the imaginations of kids, never limiting them.
ForeWord Reviews

Leap Write In! contains innovative and fun writing prompts…I highly recommend it to any teacher or student of writing as a means to get thoroughly inspired.
— Albert Flynn DeSilver, Author of Writing As a Path to Awakening

Karen’s books have great success inspiring kids to write and create.
— Jessica Ryan, Senior Children’s Librarian, Mill Valley Public Library

First the kids loved Write Back Soon! They understood that they were sending a gift by writing a letter. Then the grandmothers loved it. All kinds of gifts coming and going, starting with a handwritten letter…
— Sparrow

Karen Benke’s books are the magic key! More young writers soon to be unleashed!
— Grant Branson, Junior Leadership Development Program

I give this book five out of five bookworms!
  —Erik Weibel, Scholastic News Kid Reporter, This Kid Reviews Books